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On a summer night as you pull me closer I’ll try not to cry. Isn’t this what you had hoped for? Sorry to say that we can’t just go back and just blame it on the miles..

Sometimes wishes on stars really do come true♥♥♥

Suudelkaa minua, kun minä nukun ja kuiskaan, että te lupaatte ei ainoastaan unta..

Hyvää yöta kuu

Daily Word:

So Erika n I were drivin to Kristen’s house and this truck in front of us at the light had letters on the back of his truck that said, “Roughnecks are just like rednecks, only tougher” So we were like “WTF???” o.O This was one of the definitions for it..


Term for describing good oral sex from some ho

Don’t try to pick up the pieces if you can’t catch me when I fall.

Maybe the quote wasn’t correct..

I am going to be taking some time to myself to figure things out. A lot of things have just spiraled downward and keep going that way. No matter how hard I try I just can’t be happy. Even that brief happiness I got from one person is now faltering. I may even take some time to not be online for possibly a few days or weeks or so.

I need time to figure out what’s going on and what’s wrong.


You and I, well, we could be just fine. If only I knew you had the time. I’ll fall asleep, that’s right, I’ll fall asleep tonight. With nothing on my mind, except for the sunlight.

Really miss talking to him </3

True Happiness?

I can honestly say I have never stared into someone’s eyes as much as I do yours. I have never wondered so much what secrets hide behind them. I have never connected with someone so much or felt so special. I have never cried because someone really thought that I was beautiful. I have never cried because I was this happy because of a boy. I have never laughed so much or felt so happy with any other boy in my life..

No matter what I know he’ll always text back. I just don’t know how to handle how happy I am. It makes me wonder how it’s possible to even be this happy. As shy as I was I had the best time getting lost with you. Not knowing where we were but still finding ways to make it fun and laugh about it was amazing. I have been smiling since we met and smiling even more since I saw you. Just laying on you I felt so content and listening to you talk was even better. 

I Love watching you smile and every time you look at me, I can’t help but smile. I listened to every word and didn’t space any of them out. So many boys have sat and talked to me and I have just lost interest or my mind has gone else where. With you I want to hear more, I like the things you tell me and the things you know that I don’t. Driving back with you yawning and laughing every time we yawned at the same time. Making me laugh every minute and making me smile constantly. I have maintained that happiness and I am in Love with it.

Laying next to you on the bed, your fingers passing through my hair. Laying with our faces so close I got shy and looked down. Your lips so incredibly soft and your smile so breath taking. Making fun of me for looking for pictures in the wall. Making fun of your driving when we got lost again. Making me feel happy being held in your arms. Knowing that you wanted to ask me out before I asked you. Knowing you didn’t want to go either. 

I can’t wait to kiss you again, Dustin Turner♥♥♥

It’s not that I doubt you, If I found you would I put my arms around you? Wish I could let you know how much I miss you. If I could I would kiss you, I wanna be with you.


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