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Fun Story?

I got a message from a guy online that said I was beautiful. I responded to it and he asked if we could text. He called me and we started talking about what schools we went to. We went to all the same high schools and middle school making it strange we couldn’t recall each other. Then when he got to my house he looked at me and said, “Now I remember you. You used to yell at me and throw markers at me in 7th grade.”I totally don’t remember but I felt bad. I guess I never realized how mean I’d actually been in middle school till now. I know he isn’t the only one I was that mean to. So we hung out and I started running around my driveway and in the street or just randomly moving from place to place. He asked me a few times if I was high or on drugs but I was just really hyper and making a complete fool of myself. His brother and him stuffed me through my car window last night and stole my stereo face plate. After awhile he looked at me and said, “You’re weird.” I smiled and replied, “I know.” It made him start laughing then he chased me around trying to tickle me or make me lay on the wet grass from the sprinklers. At one point in the night he asked me how I’m single because I’m a very chill girl and he didn’t see why I don’t have a boyfriend. I spose it’s just how things are but I totally think he’s cute. ;] 

New Decisions

I wish I just understood how guys minds work. I suppose that being single is my best bet. It seems like anytime I try to date something goes horribly wrong. Not to mention that it kinda hurts that when I start to really like someone is when they decide to walk away. I’m tired of stupid boys that make me feel stupid. From now on if you want me, prove it. I’m done trying when I can never get what I want.

Also, my outlooks on some things has been changing. As much as I say that I still don’t want kids it’s REALLY been nagging at me for a couple of years now. Maybe it’s because so many girls had kids in college or just that all babies seem to Love me. Whatever the thing is.. I really want one. If I have to, I’ll wait till I’m about 25 and possibly have a stable job and good living situation and just go w/artificial insemination. Sounds gross but it’s my best bet at having someone who will Love me no matter what.

Also, it has taken me a long time to just sit around and think about it but I finally sat down and thought about some things. I remembered some conversations that Jade and I had in high school and why I changed so much when we became friends. Being able to have a friend so close that cared about me the same as I did for him made me a better person. I am a beautiful person inside and out and I wish that I had realized it sooner. From now on I’m going to try and make my life more worth it. I am going to need a little help but I will persue my own happiness.

On a summer night as you pull me closer I’ll try not to cry. Isn’t this what you had hoped for? Sorry to say that we can’t just go back and just blame it on the miles..

Sometimes wishes on stars really do come true♥♥♥

Suudelkaa minua, kun minä nukun ja kuiskaan, että te lupaatte ei ainoastaan unta..

Hyvää yöta kuu

Daily Word:

So Erika n I were drivin to Kristen’s house and this truck in front of us at the light had letters on the back of his truck that said, “Roughnecks are just like rednecks, only tougher” So we were like “WTF???” o.O This was one of the definitions for it..


Term for describing good oral sex from some ho

Don’t try to pick up the pieces if you can’t catch me when I fall.

Maybe the quote wasn’t correct..

I am going to be taking some time to myself to figure things out. A lot of things have just spiraled downward and keep going that way. No matter how hard I try I just can’t be happy. Even that brief happiness I got from one person is now faltering. I may even take some time to not be online for possibly a few days or weeks or so.

I need time to figure out what’s going on and what’s wrong.


You and I, well, we could be just fine. If only I knew you had the time. I’ll fall asleep, that’s right, I’ll fall asleep tonight. With nothing on my mind, except for the sunlight.

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